Signage Design

Media Tigers specializes in crafting creative signage designs, which are visual graphics carefully crafted to relay information to a targeted audience. These designs are strategically placed in streets, buildings, and other locations to effectively communicate messages. To ensure maximum visibility, we prioritize creating signage that is vibrant and attention-grabbing from a distance. From banners, billboards, and murals to smaller street signs and digital displays, our designs cater to various sizes and forms based on the specific location and purpose. Exterior signage, being the first point of contact for visitors, is crucial in making a lasting impression. At Media Tigers Graphics, we offer bespoke exterior signage solutions tailored to your branding and wayfinding needs. The customization options range from internally or externally illuminated signs to digital displays and vehicle graphics. Our focus on interior signage is equally meticulous, with each product designed to meet the unique requirements of our clients. By leveraging a wide array of design techniques and materials, we transform company logos into powerful promotional symbols that effectively enhance brand visibility. Trust us to deliver top-notch signage solutions that align with your brand identity and messaging goals, be it for real estate signs, ADA signage, or any other signage requirements.